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Our Current Release is Vol 11!

Local Freebie Funnel Vol. 11 is Launching on Thursday, August 13th at 9:00 AM ET (Early Bird)

50% Commissions on Front End #1 ($17.01 Dimesale)
50% Commissions on OTO ($147.00!)

Hey there!

Thanks for interest and support in promoting the launches of our Local Freebie Funnel product. You can check out all the details below.

Every volume is jam packed with world class, pre-made products that are easy to sell!

I truly do appreciate your help and support.

Please let me know if you have any questions or special requests.

Thanks again!

Next Release Details

Volume: Eleven

Launch Date: Thursday, August 13th, 2015 at 9:00 AM ET

Length: 4-days (Ends Sunday at Midnight)

Commission: 50%

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What is Local Freebie Funnel?

LFF is a perfect offer for your offline marketing list. This offer features a very strong, top-value front-end product, paired with two great Upsell Offers.

In short, LFF gives the consultant a perfect product to offer their customers that proves the takes advantage of the value of list building and email marketing that so many local businesses ignore. For many this is a perfect lead-in product with a natural upsell for their Email Marketing Services. Even if the consultant doesn't offer Email Marketing Services they can still make $297+ just selling these packages individually.

The front-end product, is a complete set of pre-made products for 5 hot local niches.

What Does it Include

Each pre-made product contains:

  • A TOTAL OF 20 VIDEOS! Professionally created videos in both Whiteboard Animation (Hand Drawn) and PowTwoon/PowerPoint Animation Styles
  • Every video comes in both USA and UK voice overs
  • 5 two-page reports. One report for every niche
  • 5 autoresponder message for each niche. (25 total)
  • Source files including PowerPoint
  • Plus more!

The OTO is a special price to get all of the previous versions of LFF for a low price.

Your list is going to be BLOWN AWAY by the world-class quality of these products!

Here Are Two of the Twenty Videos That Are Included

Look Who's Promoted Us in the Past

David Cisenros
Jason X
Jesse Guthrie
Joshua Kwentoh
Ken Sar
Luther Landro
Guillermo Mata
Bertus Engelbrecht

Matt Bush
Neil Macpherson
Matt Boland
Nick Mancuso
Kerry Knoll
Kim Udell
Reed Floren
Keith Dougherty

5 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Us

  • We have a great sales page and a tremendous reputation of creating nothing but top quality products. This offer is no different!
  • This sucker will convert! The price point for the front-end is low and makes it a no brainer! Your conversions will be huge!
  • We have deep funnel. You’ll be able to maximize your commissions!
  • We provide world class products and excellent customer service. It is a point of focus for us that we take great pride in. You can trust us to take care of your customers.
  • We support those who support us!! We consistently rank in the Top 10 of affiliate contents for the partners we promote. We will do the same for you!

Email Swipes

We have found a few things that really increase your income when it comes to a promotion like this. You probably know this already but here goes:

  • Send multiple emails. Especially towards the end when the price is going up.
  • Write your own emails. This is a complete hassle but it is proven that when you write your own emails and tell a short story about the product or what the product will do for them it helps get more clicks.
  • Do a quick video of the product. Again this takes a little time but if you can do it it will increase conversions.

KEY SUCCESS FACTOR: Plug these emails into your autoresponder now, set the date accordingly then sit back and watch the sales come in!

IMPORTANT: These email swipes do NOT mention the bonus. The reason why is because not everyone offers the bonus. If you do decide to offer the bonus just add a line mentioning it or put it in the P.S.

NOTE: Be sure to update the volume number to the one you are promoting.

Subject: Something special coming tomorrow


Wanted to give you a quick heads up that I have something very exciting coming for you tomorrow.

I’ve been working with one of the leaders in our industry to give my customers access to his new PLR product. This thing is truly awesome!

It all happens tomorrow so be sure to be on the look out for it as it.

Talk then!

Your Name

P.S. Don’t forget… This deal will only be for available for a very limited time. Like 72-hours or something.

Subject: [NEW PLR] Imagine what you could do with this
 [Offline] Huge opportunity
Subject: [NEW PLR] Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX


As marketers we all know how valuable it is to build an email list. The saying, “Money is in the list!” is very true.

Unfortunately for most small businesses they do not have a clue about building an email list much less the value of having one.

What does that mean to you? A HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

Since so many small businesses don’t even capture email addresses you have the opportunity to come in and show them the value – how it can really change their business – and do it for a very nice fee!

The challenge is having a world-class front-end product – sometimes called a “Tripwire” – to offer them.

Well my friend and a leader in pre-made PLR product creation has just released “Local Freebie Funnel – Vol. XX”.


LFF is the perfect product kit you can offer local small businesses to get their email marketing started fast.

But the really cool thing is Drew and his team discovered the perfect kind of lead magnets for small businesses! Instead of lengthy videos or reports he found out that the best thing to offer is something that can be consumed in 5-minutes or less. In other words a short 2 to 3-page report. That’s one of the items that comes with LFF.

The LFF pre-made product kit includes:

[+] 20 professionally created videos: Whiteboard Animated and PowToon/PowerPoint Animation Styles

[+] Every video comes in both USA and UK voice overs

[+] 5 PLR reports

[+] 25 autoresponder messages

[+] Source files to everything including VideoScribe, EasySketchPro and PowerPoint

[+] Plus much more

I could go on and on telling you about the value of Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX but this email is long enough already. So now it’s time to check it out for yourself.

But don’t wait too long. Even though the price is stupid low now – like around $17 or something ridiculous like that – it is on a dimesale. And it ends in just a few days.

=> Click here to check out Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX now (AFFILIATE LINK)

See you there!

Your Name

P.S. Even if you do not offer email marketing services currently this is something you should check out.


Subject: RE: [NEW PLR] Imagine what you could do with this
 RE: [Offline] Huge opportunity
Subject: RE: [NEW PLR] Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX

Hey there!

Yesterday I told you about an exciting new PLR product called, Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX.

Not sure if you had a chance to check it out or not yet but this product is a game changer for any offline consultant that wants to make a difference for their clients.


If you haven’t gotten it yet its probably because you fall into one of two categories:

[1] You didn’t see it yet.

[2] You’re like Rebecca who thought local small businesses wouldn’t be interested in email marketing

If you fall into category one then that’s an easy fix. Click here now. (AFFILIATE LINK) while this price is still low.

If you fall into category two let me explain something to you just like I did with Rebecca.

No matter what anyone says, email marketing is still one of the absolute best ways to reach leads and customers. Bar none! Everyone has email and everyone checks email. And when they sign up to be on an email list they will read email.

Email marketing works for every business in every industry regardless of size. It will work with your local clients too!

In fact, let me prove it to you by giving you three simple examples on how to use email marketing for a local business:

[1] Every business has slow times. They can turn these slow times into a flood of customers by announcing a sale, discount, freebie, whatever during that slow time. They send an email to their list announcing this special opportunity and simply tell them to print the email and bring it with them to get the discount, etc.

[2] Use email marketing to announce new products to generate interest and sales even before the new product is even ready to be sold.

[3] Use email marketing to build a trusting relationship. By sending a weekly or bi-monthly tips email – that has true value – it will not only be read but it will establish the local business as the go-to expert.

There are many more ways email marketing can be used by local businesses. Honestly, we’re only limited by our own imaginations.

And with Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX the entire front-end, aka Tripwire is completely done-for-you!!

Please remember, this product is on a dimesale so it increase in price after every sale. And while its offered at a super low price now the price will increase dramatically on Monday at midnight.

So check it out now!


See ya!

Your Name

P.S. For some reason Drew has bumped this offer to include 5 local niches instead of just 1!


Subject: Quick Reminder About LFF Vol. XX

Hey there!

Over the last couple days I told you about the super product from Drew Laughlin called “Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX”.

I need to stress to you that it is for a limited time only and the price increases after every sale.

Just wanted to remind you to act now to avoid any potential disappointment.

Here’s that link again: (AFFILIATE LINK)

Check it out while it’s still available – I think you’ll like it!

Have a great day,

Your Name

P.S. I urge you to download Local Freebie Funnel Vol. 7 now, because you’ll never get so much value for so little investment.


Subject: [NEW PLR] This ends today

I apologize for sending another email about this but the special introductory price for Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX ends tomorrow and I want to make sure you’re able to check it out if you haven’t already.

=> Click here for all the details (AFFILIATE LINK)

Have a great day!

Your Name

Subject: [NEW PLR] Special Deal Ends Tonight

Well tonight’s the night. At midnight Drew will increase the price of Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX.

I’ve been telling you how this is a no brainer deal – especially at the low price LFF is at currently. This is a perfect front-end/Tripwire product to your offline clients so you can sell them your email marketing services.


Unfortunately, as promised this deal can not last forever. It ends tonight at Midnight.

Please don’t come to me tomorrow and say you want in. I’ve sent enough emails – probably too many – and have given you enough warning.

Even if email marketing is not your specialty right now you still should check it out because this price is simply too good to pass up.

Be well,

Your Name


Subject: [FINAL NOTICE] Special Deal Ends in 6-Hours

Ok this is it. The last and final email about the special deal for Local Freebie Funnel Vol. XX.

=> Get it here (AFFILIATE LINK)

At this point you either want it or not. Either way is cool with me but I wanted to give you final notice as it ends in a few hours.

Thanks for being on my list and taking advantage of this great offer.

Talk soon,

Your Name


Bonuses You Can Use

The bonus you can use currently sells for $27 and has sold for as much at $97. It is one of my "Consultant Credibility" packages. This is the main one for Marketing Consultants. Its prefect for the marketing consultant who wants to use video to build their list by giving away a valuable report. It also comes with a complete, pre-made lead-gen site. Click here to check out the details.

IMPORTANT: Once you register using the optin form you will be taken to the page that has the download link for this bonus download.

Review Copies

Review copies are only given to affiliates that sign up for our notification list.


Please contact me via Skype or email.

Skype ID: drewlaughlin

Email: drew[at]laughlinmarketing[dot]com